Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sitting in my room
The pentagram is active
The candles lit and the spirits in place


My friend the elf is sitting and watching me from the position of the earth element
Not really his right element
He, however, likes to be a little earthy
The question he asks is whether we humans like elves as much as the opposite
Yes, I absolutely think so
Humans are not as aware that elves are not only a character of Lord of the Rings

Elves have lived in close contact to humans for many centuries
Then something happened
We ended up too low in frequencies and the elves became mythical figures for most of us
Now we are heading back into a time where we can meet, see, hear
It is time
It is so joyful to feel the energy of an elf and so uplifting to see one

A happy genus
The joy they spread and the warmth is so lovely
The magic of the elves is one of the strongest and most special
Their ability to heal is large
They both use drugs and energies in order to help

The elf sitting opposite to me is extraordinary earnest for an elf
He's seen a lot, understood a lot
He is serious in the way he works with me

Incredibly strong and effective
Loving and warm
The feeling of love is spreading in the body

Can you feel the love inside of you?

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