Friday, 26 October 2012

A new day

The situation is becoming more and more compact
or the feeling
gets compact
The feeling that there are so many intense changes going on that they have to affect the environment around me
I'm influenced, changed, shaped and taken care of
With me, always the people around me

The power failure last night was a blessing for us
It was quiet and peaceful at home 

The older children did homework by candlelight 
The little guy enjoyed the atmosphere
It was wonderful
So peaceful and quiet

Silence is certainly something that people have forgotten - not all of them of course
A child's detection that there was such a huge silence here at home
And the expressed surprise that people can live like this, without electricity
and the conclusion that this is probably good for Mother Earth that we have power cuts

It is certainly good for us who experience it
A nice break from our usual lifestyle

Remember when everything was different
When we were young, curious souls
Young only on this planet, this project which we liked so much
Mother Earth who began his career

I asked my friend spirit shaman today how many lives I have lived here on earth
There were many ...
I will not ask him how many more there will be  ;o)

One day many years ago I was up in the woods by Mother Stone
I met great friends and manifested my plans
I know it will be a long time on this planet

2012 is not the end of Mother Earth and her children,

it's just the beginning of a new era

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