Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thanks to all who read this blog
It's fun to get feedback
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Today started for me with a manifestation
I helped to set up energy pathways which now runs between heaven and earth
Renewed my will to act in larger contexts
and prayed for Mother Earth and her children
Then I had some coaching
on the phone and there will be several different jobs during the day
This has become my everyday life

After I have been a teacher in school for many years
The days became so different from most people's everyday lives 

It was wonderful to work with children
I loved being a teacher
Sure, it was tough in many ways
but also very rewarding
It took energy and gave energy
Then I had to realize that it took too much time away from family

when I lived my life as a shaman alongside
It also became too strenuous for me
This phase of my life was over, so it was the right thing to go
Sometimes you need to choose

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