Wednesday, 24 October 2012

An extremely exciting time

The situation on Earth is becoming more and more pointedly
Many people are in rebellion
Countries in chaos
People escaping

Sure it's been like this for many years and decades

For centuries
Yet it feels as if it is more now than ever
Maybe because everything seems to be linked together and everything seems to be more intense

The spirit world is preparing
Everyone is preparing
We are meeting the last negative deep valleys that will appear before the energies will go into the next major phase of change
Freedom of choice is even clearer than it was before
All of us gets the information they need
Either through insight in daily consciousness or in dreams

Now choose the right things
Think about it 

Do not follow the negative direction
Do not focus on the bad part
Do focus on good and what you can learn
Do not judge other people
Instead, try to understand them
Learn to read others
Be aware of that you can imagine yourself into other people

How does the situation look from their side?
Why do you encounter such a situation?
What do the experience give to you?
Are there any patterns you recognize?
Note the experience
Do not push it aside
The same with your emotions
Look at the emotions
Do not ignore them
They are to help you finding the essence of the experience

It will be brighter
It is not much time left until you will understand what it is all about
Keep hope
Ask for help
You always have friends by your side even though you may not always be able to see and feel them
You're not alone
Soon you will see that there is hope

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