Monday, 1 June 2015

A sick world that is reflected in the newspapers and on TV Nobody reacts?

Consider the idea that you are looking at the Earth from a ship and checking the news
You see what humans do to each other
What they do to their children
What they do to other beings living on the same planet
How they make war against each other in the big contexts and the small ones
You see how they treat their planet
How they are destroying the conditions for their own survival
And you understand the driving forces behind everything
Selfishness ...

You shake your head turn your ship and glide away
There is sadness in your heart
On the way home you try to understand
You realize that it would take a long time for humans to even understand the seriousness of their situation in life
To make them to treat each other as equal would take a very long time
It would take even longer to get them to act for their own survival's sake
To long for most of the humans
To long for their planet
The good thing is when you think about the changes that are on their way now
Not because it will be easy the nearest future but because there is certainty that it will change everything
It will go fast

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