Thursday, 21 May 2015

People have to have poison in the food because it is cheaper to produce it then - money

We - both adults and children - have small boxes with us all the time so we can communicate but also they have so much radiation that they are a health hazard - for the values ​​adjustes for the producer's needs and not for the needs of human bodies

Children's well-being is given low priority for the sake of money all the way from the one-year old left in kindergarten from 7 am until 6 pm - for the sake of money -
to school children who can not get support for there are no "resources", i.e. people who can help a child who can not manage by her own and / or is lost - for the sake of money

The green lungs of our planet are devastated - no, not just the rain forests - our own forests too - all over the globe
Yep, even Swedish forests are forests, my friends, and even those provides us with what we need to have to survive - but it is possible to make money on them ...

The list could be long ...

Money is always the highest priority
Be honest!
Certainly we need money to manage in our societies
Sure, sure ... yes I know
I am living here too
I need to eat and has family too
... but we can prioritise humans

We can make choices in life that takes power from the system
We can help each other

We have different roles in society
There are those who are sitting in positions who require responsibilities in a different way
Those who can go out and speak up
They actually are heard
They actually influences
And then there are those who may feel that they are not heard and not seen and have no opportunity to influence
Everything we do has an impact - not least on ourselves and our loved ones
Everything we feel and think affects and changes the environment

Change the view of life
Change the way you see the Earth and the humans

Imagine all this here is a dream
Nothing is impossible in a dream - right?
You can do exactly what you want to
Just like that, you can change
Everything you do affects everything
The butterfly in Japan, you know - it flap his wings and things happen around
Throw a stone into water and you will see that there will be circles 

No, it does not matter how small the stone is
What matters is that it is thrown in

Choose a stone that you can carry and so throw it into the water of life
It will make ripples on the water
It might even be big waves thanks to your stone who knows ...

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