Thursday, 7 May 2015

My way into the worlds began early
It just was the way
When I flew over the town so it just was that way
The difference between making it with the body or not wasn't big
It didn't matter if the body came along, it was real
The girl just understood
To separate the realms was difficult
I disappeared into myself while I was aware of everything around me
It was as if I walked into a movie
I learned that people was taken and transformed into something that is't themselves
I sat in a tipi and talked with Indians
I met friends from different cultures
I had long conversations
The explanations I got changed my world more and more
The preparation had begun
Even as a little child

As far as I can think back, I traveled and talked
Met lovely beings who knew so much
So wise
And I understood
Understood the world and what I was
In a way children do
In a way that often is forgotten as we become adults

I did not forget

'Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven'
Yep just thatRight, for the kingdom of heaven is around us - we are in the middle of it and yet not
Most people find themselves completely isolated from everything but the material world we are living in
Most have forgotten
Most people have forgotten that they are a part of the kingdom of heaven
The heaven is within us and around us

When people are born, they go into obliviousness
Some are born with clarity and some of them walks on without going into obliviousness
Others are born into obliviousness and stay there

Dare to play as children do
Dare to love as children do
Children love without judging
Rather they condemn themselves than those they love

Many children are told that they are living in fantasy worlds
and to live this way is something negative
"You're just imagine!"
So hurtful and so reducing to learn that their world does not exist
That you shall forget who you are
That you shall leave your safety
That the friends you have with you may not be friends, but only ideas
What loneliness

The adults who remember how the world of childhood looked like
might not judge and they might not attack the children's world
Those who yet do so, do it out of fear
In my childhood there was no attacking

But I did not share the world with any
one else either
I just was
There was nothing to talk about
Maybe it was just obvious
Maybe it was a protection
Everyone in the family is open to the other side and all the family are living it in their own way
Nobody talked about it and it was not mentioned, it was just something that was obvious
To feel and experience was nothing strange

It was hidden and yet not
There were as a matter of course, but no one talked about it in any way to the children

Much later on, as a young adult, I was told what was experienced
Was told that it was not just me
Understood that all experienced
Grandmother who knew
Mom and Dad who saw
It was just there and nobody condemned

When I started talking about it, I met just understanding and "Yes, what fun!"
What fun you are working with healing
What fun you see
What fun you experience

This reaction I would wish to anyone who goes this way
All of us who are different shall have the right to be that
Everyone should be treated with respect and acceptance
Unfortunately it is not like that

Just those you love, those who are close, often are those who understand even less
Perhaps because it is frightening to live with someone who sees
Perhaps because it is frightening to imagine the power behind that person
Maybe because it implies a different way also for themselves
Maybe because there are own memories conscious or unconscious of abasement and persecution of those who are different
Perhaps that is why the abasement and threats are coming
No matter why, it does hurt as much

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