Thursday, 7 May 2015

Life goes on and so we do
People comes and goes
We are on a strange journey
When you go into the realms all will change
You enter a context that makes the world whole

Who are you?
The question may never be answered here
Does it matter?
Perhaps it is simply a fact, that certain things are not possible to understand

When you meet the friends on the other side, you start to realize that the world you lived in all your life is only a fraction of all
A small fraction only
Life on Earth is not the big thing
The thing is that we only dream earth life to experience
The experiences down here are just the big thing
The feelings that conveys a body
The emotions that only can be found on Earth

When you begin your journey into the realms that will not only change the way you look at the world
You change
Your body
Your emotions

I think back to that time when emotions were different
Emotions - I felt ... yes, a little bit ...
Today I experience feelings
All of me
The whole body is full of experience
Anger flashes in the body
Love burns
Betrayal hurts

That is how I feel inside people, to know what I should heal
You can't describe the differences but once you know it you will understand how little humans know
and no it's not possible to hide
On some level, we capture each other's feelings and moods
All of us
Sometimes you may not even be aware that you feel in a certain way
Only when you sense into yourself and give yourself time you can make
Give yourself time!

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