Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Light and the Sun and the Moon
The Stars

We are on our way and the situation on Earth is about to complicate
We will reach out for all the people being in charge
We will reach them all
In the end they will listen
We can't stop trying to make them listen
Continuo our mission on Earth

Yes, it is strange
You're right
But what is stranger then this times happenings on Earth?
It is strange that your people do like they do to each other
Strange hating each other
Strange to forget your own future needs
Strange to tread your children like your enemies
Strange to disturb their future live resources
There are a lot of things strange for us looking at you
But you think it is strange that we from outside cares?
Yes, we do and we do it nor less then we know our own people and loved ones on Earth, trying to help your species to survive and to develop
No, it is not strange the Ellen is writing this on her side
Not at all
That is her mission
Writing to you, reach out for you, make you listen
No, she is not more weird then anyone else on this planet
She just lives the way she is
She just is the one she is

Listen now!

We will find a way to reach out
We will find a way to submit our messages to mankind
Listen to yourself
You know all the answers all the meanings of this, all hope and all anger, all love we send
You know it
Now it is time to comply with what you have known for so many centuries
Mankind is on its way to destroy his own history and change it into legends once again

Atlantis is a memory not a legend
But this times Atlantis catastrophe is right about to happen
The new time is about to form the end of the old time

What will you do about it?
How should you react?
You know it
You, reading this, giving this so much time that you reached this letters,
you will know what to do

Find your inner peace
Find your trust
Find the meaning in your actions in light
Don't condemn
Don't judge
Try to do your best all the time,
with love and affection for all beings on your planet,
with love and affection for whole your planet and her future

The new Earth is on her way
The old one is tired and sad
She is loving and caring too
Just give her your love and kind thoughts
Just give yourself all your love

You are in a living situation that contains great pleasure in some parts on Earth
and great cruelty in some other parts on Earth
Think about humans
Think about that you are one
Act with each other like brothers and sisters,
like parts of the same wholeness
Find your inner peace

The time is now to change you and become yourself

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