Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Religions at the center around the globe
and what a mess they cause in the name of religion ... the humans

Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, etc.
All are fighting against all and mutually against each other
Every one has the truth booked directly
Every one judges
Every one shall have power over others
Every one shall think of themselves first
Every one kills innocent peoples
Every one rapes, wounds and maims

Sometimes they do it in the name of religion
Sometimes they do it just on order
Then they forget that if they are believers there are orders that are standing above human officers
Sometimes I think they do not even think but going to their temples, their sacred house one day and out and kill next day
Sometimes they even think their God / Gods are on their side in the war - or so they pretend they do because it feels better

People build their own reality
Religions are created by people who conveyed messages
Given to people for to have a path to follow
A guideline
Those were the prophets then,
those who had so good intentions,
those who saw and those who heard,
those who gave the rules and guidance,
they did not enact war or even world war.
They did not want humans to be raped and mutilated
They did not want innocent people to be murdered
They did not want their words to be abused and distorted, to give one or a few people earthly power and wealth

Yet it has become this way, and yet it has been so for the past millennia on Earth
Yet it is still a fact that people do not dare to feel into themselves,
do not dare to criticize,
do not dare to push away those in power in the name of religion,
do not dare to see that religion has been corrupted,
do not dare to trust their own judgment

There is no need for an intermediary to talk to your God / Gods
There is no need to give you an interpretation
You can find right and wrong in yourself
You can love instead of hate,
take care of instead of ruling over
listen to instead of judging
make peace instead of discord and war

It is that your religion, like all others, have tried to show the people
based on the culture, the time, the paradigms and the conditions that the religious founder, during that particular time and in that place has had

It is time to take responsibility for your actions

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