Thursday, 9 April 2015

The month of March was intense
The solar eclipse has got things moving a lot in both IRL and on other planes

The wind told me in the middle of March that he would be out and blow much now
Yes he did in Europe, they may now think he's doing a bit too much
He told me that he would have overturned a part and yes, he has
He calms down soon enough he asumed

The solar eclipse was on my part associated with a hike out to "Alvestenen" (a rock out in the woods speciell for the Elves) and to Mother Stone
A nice hike
New start in many ways

Same week we built up the tipi here in the garden
Feels great to have it here
Soon we will travel to Båstad (a little swedish town) with it, and then further on out on travels

I worked with
business coaching pretty much this month and
life coaching was part of the picture as it usually does
Clarity came into social contexts
Healing was given
I cleaned an apartment and a place at a residential area here in Partille
Had a class specialized for people with asthma and allergies
Had to pull a bit first before we could meet. The asthma was baffing just that morning on one of the participants
But at the end it was a very rewarding and enjoyable day at the course

And the individual courses are fun too
All meetings with people who are open to the other worlds and who receive guidance and may get some obstacles from the road

Now I wish for sunshine and warmth
Don't think brother wind will blow so much here
He has probably other missions

The friends on the other side says that it is difficult to find peace and quiet now
There will be more and more tangible events
Even Earth will take actions

It is important to grasp and solve your own knots now
Those who become so annoying and that leads us into actions and contexts, we do not want to be involved in
Take your abilities seriously
They are for to react with not to run away from

Assignments come to us
We don't have to look for them

And then there is an open door here for those who wants to come here
and get distinctive help for life

Let's see what April month comes along with

Brackets, which was opened by the solar eclipse,
was closed by the lunar eclipse on Saturday the 4th
Full moon on Friday before

The first time of the Shift ended there
There the energies turned and changed
They will lead with a defined direction
The direction which the people have chosen
What is the orientation you chose?
What feelings and emotions are strong in you?
Have you taken your steps to relieve yourself from the negative that blocks you?

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