Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My spirit friend asumed to turn on the radio this morning
A report on Swedish Radio P1 about a musician, Sebastan Staxx from the Kartellen
It was good to hear his story
One who dares to show the light he found
It really doesn't matter where you find light and hope
What religion
What community
What surroundings
It spreads that there is hope
It spreads that someone dared to tell about it and it changes for the others
He is accepted because of he accepts himself and his own change
He dares to rely on his own experience
He doesn't dismiss it to be imagination

He doesn't hide because others might think ....

You can't hide for long
You can't deny yourself and your world in the long run
What are you experiencing?
How do you see the world and yourself?
Are you hiding yourself from others or from yourself?
How many people experience things that can not be explained?
How many people live with "imaginations"?
Start to talk about it!

Dare to jump over the invisible border control set up
Don't give away the rights over youself!
If you start to talk you will discover that there are many others who understand
and many who are helped by your courage
You may just have to relieve yourself

This times topic is about to drop responsibility for others and to take your own responsibility
and not to allow yourself to be controlled

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