Thursday, 9 April 2015

Now we moved on
The lunar eclipse ended the first part of our journey through time of changes
The Shift is underway and it shows that in many ways
Now we have a direction of development
One direction is now available in each of us
Everyone who lives on this planet
We are heading to new times

For me it means that I now make trips around the Earth at night
Looking at all that is happening and what people do
Not much fun there

The question I asked myself this morning is if I should keep quiet about this and adapt myself to the ranks of those who only want to see the positive, bright, lovely and beautiful

Should I choose to remain silent about everything dark and horrible
I can not just remain silent

The humans have the ability to raise themselves above other living beings
The humans think so much about themselves and about their nature

Sometimes I remember the scene in the movie "The Fifth Element" where the alien is watching the news and then just cries

After that, she needed to contemplate before she could continue to help this species to survive ...

Why help?

For underneath, around and in all this darkness, there is something that is strong among mankind
The light shines brightly sometimes
Sometimes we can see it in the middle of the darkest dark
It comes and breaks through everything
And this light will change this Earth at the end
into a new world to live in


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