Tuesday, 13 January 2015

It feel´s like people are grouped according to what religion they belong or do not belong to, more than anything else
Even in a country like Sweden
The pope was accused to spread communist thoughts when he spreads his Christian message
Children in a class two in Sweden talking about beheadings and are afraid of war
Leading politicians in a demonstration for press freedom while they persecute the press in their home countries
Anxiety and fear breeds hatred and anger
Hypocrisy is normality
The propaganda is booming

How many of you think about the big picture?
The totality of everything you think and say about other people?
Sure, groups of people are people too
Well then, politicians, soldiers, the grumpy lady at the store, the neighbor who disturbes with the music, he who was driving in front of you and can not drive, or just that .... the colleague who got the angry email yesterday she has to be. .. yes yes
They all have emotions
All are human beings
What if you could get to know each other
Would it change anything?

For quite a few years ago, I told my school pupils about a village
It was a village that was isolated by roadblocks
Soldiers prevented anyone from getting in or out
This was going on a couple of days
A little boy did not come home to mom and dad that night
He who was with Grandpa and just wanted to go home and cried
A mother who became ill and needed to go to the hospital, but the ambulance did not come through
It was a small village - I gave it the name of the village of my school children
They were touched and got it

Then I told them the village has an Arabic name, and where situated in another country

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