Sunday, 4 January 2015

What intense time
The changeover to a new year is near
2015 will bring a lot of surprises for all of us
New has to be built up and old has to be demolished

The past year has been completely in the character of changes
Nothing is like it was before
That we certainly could say about everything and always
But this time it's in a completely new sense
The old Earth is in its final stages
The new Earth is already existing
A few people see this
A few people understand
It does not matter
Everything is just as it should be
And the old laws are disappearing to be replaced by others

A new era is emerging
2015-2018 will be tough years
We all will get to experience and see the dark
Each one will find her place in history and her context
Each one will take her own responsibility for her actions and thoughts
Each one will disappear into the haze of the future and find a new time
Do not let the light go out!
Hold on to love!
The new Earth awaits those who will be involved in building the future
The old Earth will take those who want's to find new ways

Think of Noah building his ark
There is an ark now
Visible for those who see
Starting to look after the ark
Thinking about if you want to be on it
What does it mean to be a part of it?
Feel it
Darkness has no place in the Ark
Be aware of your thoughts and feelings
Take care of yourself with love and patience
Everyone will find the own way
No need to worry
Everything is thought out
Everyone gets help and no one will be forgotten
It just will be right

It will become very dark and it will become very bright
A lot of hate and a lot of love
I choose to stay in love

There are always bridges everywhere
They offers to all of us
You just have to choose to see them

Solhjulet and friends wish you all a Happy and Blessed New Year
We are grateful for all that has been and welcome all that will come

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