Friday, 19 December 2014

If you look back in history
All those who became great
Those who really changed the world
Those who left their mark
Those who went in for what they believed in
What would have happened if they'd been too scared to do it?

If the great shamans and seers not dared to take the wand and hit the floor when they would
If they'd kept quiet because they did not dare to show themselves
What would have happened if their surroundings suggested that they were crazy and they had hidden themselves?
What would have happened if they would have taken into account and released their orders in favor of earthly cares and concerns of others?
What would happened to their mission, with human development, with Earth's big steps?

Atlantis ... it would have survived then?
Lemuria before then ...?
How would life have looked like today?
Humanity would have gone a completely different way
Yes, many people think: maybe it would have been better
The Earth would not have been as dark
No, maybe not ... maybe it would

But of course there is the human desire for development and experience
To get the FEEL, with big letters
Feel the dark
feel the power
feel love
feel pleasure
feel hatred
feel envy ...
Imagine the experience
Imagine what you would have missed
Feeling in a body on Earth
That's what the goal was, yes!

Lemuria and Atlantis ... yes but it's not enough
Not enough clod
Not enough darkness
Not enough feelings of body
No, it was simply not enough 

Now it's time to hit the wands on the floor again
Not on Atlantis and not at pharaohs this time and not with the same goal
But it will be
It will be seen even of those who do not want to see
It's time to finish the next chapter in the history of mankind
Taking the next shift over into the next phase
The energies of Atlantis are back
Mankind playing again with the future
Again chooses the road
Will once again take new paths
This time it will be new

Those who see see things they have never seen before
Those who see do things they have never done before
It's almost time to release security for those who should hit the wands on Earth this time

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