Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What a beautiful moon this morning
Soon it will be new moon again
and winter solstice
Around the Earth the contrasts become clearer

Here in Sweden people stress as usual preparing their celebration
A celebration of love it shall be
Now, do not forget the love for yourself and everyone else
when you run around like squirrels
and do not forget that there are more important things than the perfect setting and a perfect look at family dinner
more important things than all the Christmas gifts that will be found and wrapped

In other areas on earth there will be no gifts to wrapp but people just fighting for survival
On our streets the poor are sitting and reminding us of what we do not want to know
We hear voices and statements in Sweden and other countries which we heard for nearly a hundred years ago around Europe
We recognize the voices and the words but especially the implication and where this can lead
Some experiences people should not forget ...
They should recognize the warning signs

Think about that the love which the Jew, whose birthday you are celebrating, felt was to all of us
Should we follow the story of the pacifist Jesus, I think we may modify some of our opinions against each other and about each other
Do actually not think he'd appreciated condemnations so very much...
Responsibility for yourself and your actions, he would probably have liked
Love for our fellowmen, and to those who need help should have been obvious to the man the legend tells about

He was actually the one who welcomed those who others did not want to include

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