Tuesday, 3 February 2015

There are so many opinions about what a shaman is.
I have used this word since my friend and teacher on the other side said I would take that concept.
Pretty soon I felt it was something else other people associated with that than I do.

I wrote this:
"You don't become a shaman. The spirits remind you that you are already are one recall you to your place. Regardless of where you were born. Whether you like it or not.
Even in our western culture there are people who follow this calling.
The word 'shaman' is an alien word that we imbue with meaning. The spirits speak to us in words that we can understand. I am intermediary between worlds"

When people come to me, I usually explain what I mean by the word "shaman".

I train many people. Some of those I regard as "shamans".
They are to me people who have a special energy in their origin.
It is this energy I feel and that is why I sometimes say to people that they are schamans.

Imagine a flower meadow. There are many different flowers.
All together building a beautiful meadow. Everyone contributes. All required. No one is better or worth less.

Actually the concept that I use do not correspond fully to what people in general connect to it.
But it does anyway.
The way we see the world
The way we live and experience
The way we feel
The way we communicate
it's the same way in which shamans have made it through all millennia this Earth has existed

They have created systems to share their knowledge
They have acted together with others in large meetings
They have acted as healers and helpers
They have acted in many different ways

That are schamans
That we are

We have been there from the beginning
We always come back
We have had assignments and tasks

It is we who are our ancestors
It is we who act, for someone has to take that role we have and have had

It is we who act in shifts between the ages
The Shift of the Ages
The Shift of the Sun

It is we who been there the last time
and it is we who are here now

We who are acting in these contexts do not need any frames
We do not need any fixed rituals
We do not need any training in old systems which exist around the Earth
We exist in different cultures
We exist in all points of the compass
We exist in all nations

Now we have the mandate to act in the Shift of the Sun and the Ages we are in
Now we will act as who we are

I have been here before
I have memories that are lovely and
memories that hurts in the soul until they are healed
I have memories of the last shift,
I will act in the contexts of this shift

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