Saturday, 8 March 2014

Dear friends
Now when the new era has begun, it is time to realize the situation
We all need to act to unite the four nations on Earth
Love needs to prevail on Earth before it's too late to stop everything which may happen
I do not usually write such lines and have a hard time expressing myself that clearly

Help each other to pray for our Mother Earth and help us to pray for the people
People's free will is now granted
The more people who act in the name of light, the more chance we have to get rid of dark shapes falling over the Earth
Let us help one another and pray for light and love and power for those who act for peace on Earth

Gather and drum, dance and sing
Give life to joy and help light reaching out with all his force
Spread love to each other
Think beautiful thoughts not dark ones
Fear not but trust that regardless of what happens: Everything is as it should be

The Great Spirit that helps us to find the way up is always in us and around us
We are united in it
And our forces creates light and love for our children's future

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