Monday, 31 March 2014

Humanity's great gathering has made it’s decision
The decision that will determine how our future will look like

The Earth is in a change
All of us who lives on this planet takes part in this change

The question discussed was how humanity's evolutionary path will continue
The options were basically two

One is a longer and slower development path
Which means a very long time by quite a large darkness , suffering and a continued large affliction on Mother Earth

The other is a shorter but a tougher road
Which means a shorter period of great suffering and great changes on our planet and for the people
A purge
War and destruction
Natural disasters and strong heavy events

Although this road is hard and heavy and involves very dark and difficult events
it was the way humanity chose for their future

Consideration was given to Mother Earth
Consideration was given to future generations who live on this planet
Consideration was given to the length of time of suffering and darkness that would lie ahead

A wise decision

When humanity's energies came back from the gathering , they came with a great grief
A grief over what has happened and a grief over what is to come

Nevertheless the decision was make in the name of love and light
Let us hope that love grows strong on this planet that we currently call home

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