Thursday, 6 February 2014

Full of love and beautiful energies
Full of thoughts on my journey with the friend
Freed writing feather and releases it away in freedom

Meetings with friends who lives in their worlds
and meet you on journeys in love and light
The touch of an elf's hand that makes you feel the vastness of our universe
That teaches you to understand that there are no limitations than those contained in our heads
The friend who offers his life for me
Provides to carry and support
Talks about our path and our longing

Yesterday started my new year of working and development
Seven times seven years are behind me this time
We'll see when I think to quit and go home to take new steps again
There is much to bear down to earth before it
Much to convey
Do not find the thread, not the way to formulate the words
Let someone help me with this in future

Writing feather lies there and just needs to find the way to my center
The friend touches it and it lit up
Glitters and gleams

Earth beginning
Great beings go over the earth great and glorious
They land and beat their wings
They walk and look at the earth
No, there is not one creator and yet there is
There's creators

And still we are creating

In other ways today than in past
Not that loving all times
But love is so far from the most down here
The true love
Love that does not require , that does not count, just being
The love that burns when it touches you
Love that lets all your bodies glow
That which will solve all the dark at the same time
Love that is opposed to fear
The love that is so obvious
The earth was created by and in this love
Love keeps it alive
Love let it heal itself

The writing feather reminds ...

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