Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The light is coming back
The heat is perceptible in the winter cold
The warmth in the heart
The soul
Old memories appears yet
Old wounds heal
Old dark agreements are broken for all future

Shackles and chains that blocked so long released finally in love
Give back power and force

Time to write again
Time to find new ways
New roads with new companions
New plans and new hope

I can see the pictures from the old vision
The one who gave hope and thoughtfulness many years ago
Ways to go with friends

Spirit Animals going in front of me
Spirit shamans who shielding off
The dragon flying over me
Many entities around me
Safe routes
It is still not New Moon
Coming soon ...

The New Moon that comes with changes
When the moon's light disappears it will become the light
Initiation time
The new ages beginning
Small steps we are taking and large ones

Again the Earth takes one step further in its development
Mother Earth takes heavy steps into the future
Heavy with wisdom and love
Heavy with confidence and hope
The weight meaning so much security for all of us that follows

Again new steps into the future
Again again worlds are opened
Again, signs and symbols
Again, the old things dying
and new things creates in love and light

Finally ...

It's a long road we have behind us
Many eons ahead
Somewhere on the path we are

The shamans circle remains
Old friends gather

Many times before we have taken place in the ring
Many times before we have put our magic on world course of events
Many times we have put evil and many times we have added light and love
None of it was coincidence
Well-planned and well-made

Now it's light magic that brings us closer to our homestead and up

The darkness fades

The Norns weave is changing

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