Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The family ...

This year, many people are concerned with their ancestors.

The children and grandchildren carry their ancestors load. For the most part without even knowing that.

The energies are remaining. We were born into a family tree and are part of it.

Earth-bound souls * in the family ranks
also tend to remain. They are sometimes still not feeling well after their experiences and burdening the relatives they really just want to help or be near.

We live in and experience a time where we will help as many people as possible to understand and to release the load they are carrying on and heal old wounds.

Not just for us who live now, but also among those who were before us.

We should give them their legitimate position and help them to heal as much as possible. Then they can proceed on their way and the family can be free from old burdens.

It may be worth it to think through your own family tree up to great-grandmother's time, trying to tune into and take a moment for each relative. What histories are there?

*  Earth-bound souls means deceased people who have not left the incarnation but hanging on in some kind of "between world". These souls can be helped to find their way on.

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