Wednesday, 27 June 2012

 I was now silent for a while ...
It's time to narrate here again.

The time we're in is a time of big changes. I myself have gone through a lot of personal work.

Perhaps I was so quiet because of that. I had to finish, sort and cleanse.

It was a good time too. Many visions of the future, much new knowledge, much information that just fell down in my brain.

Now I am who I am today ...

It is a busy year. Many people notice this. But many do not know why or do not even understand that fact. They experience their world as they always
have experienced it. A matrix of matter where they engage themselves. They forget everything that is not possible to touch, even their own feelings. They experience only the "reality".

But what is real? The world and the humans are changing. It is time to realize that we need to keep up with this changes. Nothing can stop it, not even ignorance.

Not everyone wants to be on this way. All humans do not even see  the way. That is a choice too.

The world as most people experiencing it will disappear. They will slowly but surely discover that the boundaries are not where they were before. Slowly, people will open up to new worlds and new experiences. What I usually tell of will be perceived by an increasing group of people. Everyone will discover their inner senses. That will enable a different experience of the world. 

Faith. We must overcome our faith in order to see. Faith confines reality experience. Scientists have begun to talk about that. Physicists and biologists who recognized the limitations of the old paradigms.

It is time for a paradigm shift.

Even a materialist or "scientific" world view is faith. Has anyone been able to prove that ghosts do not exist? Has anyone been able to prove that it is impossible to practice telepathy? Has anyone been able to prove that you can not use your inner senses to experience? If someone can prove to me that my world is not in the way I experience it this person is probably a future Nobel Prize winner ...

I have "felt the rain" for a long time now not just getting wet.

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