Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The experience of flying high above the forest, hovering with an eagle ...
Is it equivalent to doing magic on earth?
A question my friend a spirit shaman just formulated ...

Yes, it certainly is. You will float over patterns. You will rise above our reality, see what available structures
there are and establish new ones.

Just by this words the danger
appears huge.

Changing structures can be both good and disastrous. Down here in our reality, it can be nearly impossible to see the consequences of such a change.

To move mountains ... Yes, absolutely - why not ...
It may be moving mountains if you change something unchangeable hard and painfull in a person's reality into something beautiful and healing.

You can not always do that either, even if you would like to ... It is rarely the person who is the limit. Moving mountains have rules and restrictions. Otherwise, you end up on the wrong side.

And why do peoples so easily go into the darkness instead of the light?
Why are no major barriers in the dark direction?
Why can people talk negativly without making a fool of themselves, while it may seems embarrassing to say the word love?

Humanity is probably a mystery in many ways ...

Floating into the
magics light hall far above human habitations is a wonderful pleasure ... close to home

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