Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Changes of the Earth are affecting people stronger than you can imagine.

Since the earth is rising in the frequencies humans needed an adjustment. This is not possible without dropping a lot of weight and release old burdens.

Karma or old memories from former and current life needs to be reprocessed and insights are needed.

Today there are people who are simply experiencing the opposite situation of an experience they made earlier in life. 

Perhaps earlier in life they had a response to people who are not easy to manage for the other part. 
Later in life they develop and they experience the same treatment from others and recognize their own behaviour.

Are you aware of such circumstances it may help to resolve them through insight.

 Today, one must not "work out" karma in that way anymore. There are shortcuts if there is insight.

All people have a guidance, which can intervene in these cases and help to solve the knots, if you ask them for help.

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