Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New Moon In August

Again I´m back writing a little.

A new phase in the world now begins.
For many of us, it is palpable that it will start something new.

Even down here in real live, things are happening that initiates a change in our lives.
School starts, the most of us have started working.
We meet new people and get into new situations.

On the other level, which is also part of our reality, although not all experience this consciously, it happens a lot right now.

The Earth's energy center is changing, and this will affect all of us, whether we realize it or not. Many people will feel things getting easier others will feel a heaviness that is spreading inside themselves.
This is usual many
people says ... certainly it is.

This time it's in a different way than before because it is a fundamental change going on.

Earth's population begins to discover the other realities more and more.
Even some of those peoples who were completely closed and inaccessible to others' emotions and feelings and moods in rooms and situations, the idea of ​​a spirit world will begin to be a possibility.

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