Friday, 24 February 2012

A new day ... 
It's been a while since I wrote here. 

Instead of this I enjoyed the quietness of nature. I sat quiet in my mind at a small lake. Snow, ice and SILENCE ... 

The silence and the power of the lake I felt throughout the whole body. Was brought out of my thoughts by our little puppy dog ​​that barked at forest elves scaring him. Wonderful experiences. 

The old family farm with an old lovely relative who came to visit from the other side was another part of the holiday. She started an old "broken" cuckoo clock and filled the house with love. The whole family enjoyed.

Now here I am again writing... Lets see where it leads.

The shaman way goes through death. Facing death is a part of my life. Both in the meeting with the angel of death or death as an energy and as an experience of the body. But even by the departed relatives of my clients or myself.

Death is very much a part of life. Many of our western societies are trying to forget this. If you look at life as I do, it's not scary to die. It is simply to walk across a border. I cross the line sometimes. Without my body, it can not do it ;o)

I cross the border to enter the "memories" from other lives or the time between lives, alone or with a client. There is much help for us there to understand and accept this life and experiences here in a better and different way. There is much help for us there to heal ourselves.

 One time
I faced death in the guise of Azrael. What a wonderful friend we have in him. You could call him by many names. Azrael is the name that the abrahamic religions have given him. Another name is Toth and another Hel. Just choose, no matter how you call the personalities on the other side if it feels right for you.
Our religions and cultures have given entities names. All names also have energy and they are linked to the events, beliefs and cultures on earth. So if you call Hel, the energy will be different from the energy of Toth.

My encounter with Azrael was really nice. The port you are talking about sometimes. Peoples have been there and came back again. Those who were released up to tell us about it when they returned. Those who wouldn't really go, but only meet. The others will go another way.

Azrael stood in all its beauty in front of the gate. The light and warmth. We talked for a while.
"You know the way" he told me. Just come when you're done.
Yes, I'll do that. Let's see when it will be. I think I will stay a long time.
Once you have come past all the difficulties at the beginning of the road, it is worth to stay for a while.

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