Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mother Earth
A place for all kinds of beings, both incarnated and non-incarnated
both beings of our dimension and other dimensions

Many people describe abduction
A being who is active in another dimension but sometimes also seen in our own
No beings that lives on Earth but foreign based

These beings are neither good nor evil
They do as they are told to do
Now they have been told to leave Earth and to take everything that is their own with them

All they have left in form of energies or objects in living beings and in earth shall be removed

There is a large object located in Earth
Just like a big wheel
Transmits and receives
Controls and conveys
This was removed
The wound in the earth is still to heal

The Earth and the people will be affected by this in some way 
It will make them feel both happy, sad and scared all at once

Many humans perhaps will experience an abduction when it will be cleaned and cleared

Grey will probably hopefully soon not be a burden for people anymore

                      The Earth seen from Apollo 17                       


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