Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Rain and rough weather outside
Darkness and darkness and darkness around the Earth
But even light and light and light ;-)

There is so much light and so much darkness
so the contrast has not been clearer for a long time

There is worry on many levels around Mother Earth
The uncertainties and peoples doubt creates this
Those sent on commitment here move to their positions
and everything is as it should be
While they struggle to understand the human inside of them
It's the contrasts that teaches people what they should learn
Why humans need to have it so obvious before they understand?
There are probably many who are wondering about that

Think about all the wonderful and loving around you
Choose to reinforce this with your thoughts and words
Do not give in to negative thinking spirals and don't end up in condemnation and in darkness
No, it will not be lightfully to judge just
because a "light" person does it
or a person experiences herself as lightfull
Your thoughts and actions will create your future

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