Tuesday, 30 September 2014

17 september

Much is going on around us and around the earth
It is so easy to concentrate on what is perceived as negative
The darkness has a place on earth right now
It teaches us to see the light
People need insights in order to change and change themselves

The friends from outside tells me that the earth is heading
into a darkness that will be solid
While our light shines stronger than ever

The friend goes on to tell
the light is seen clearly when it gets dark
Like a small flame that you hardly see when it is light all around
When it gets dark in the evening the light can be seen clearly
It spreads both warmth and light to all sides and
warms even the hearts
Think of it when the dark time is coming

You have a light inside of you, and if you cling to light this flame,
it will light up and warm all around you
You should not allow this light go out even when it's windy and hard to keep it going
It will go! You will fix it and so will you be seen and many want to light flames and light up and
warm in the cold and dark

When there are more and more the world will change eventually and people will see the difference
between the lights that are only pretending and
lights that are part of the greater light, we all come from

It is a long and dark road to get there
But not so long as many fear
We will manage through this time
We will all get along if we do not let the light go out on us

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