Friday, 11 April 2014

Went and poked into the soil
Almost time for the potatoes
Spring is here and the light returns to the earth in many ways

Went and heard people's thoughts and felt their feelings
How they talk about others
How they add responsibilities to others
Responsibility for everything they have trouble with and everything they do not understand
Not wanting to look at themselves in the mirror
Not wanting to see what lies at the bottom of themselves, for it hurts to see
To believe that one can escape from it if you focus on the outside
Trying to cover

It hurts to heal, usually my friend the spiritshaman says, when he lays on his hand
He is not the only one who knows that
It hurts for a while then it's healed and gone forever
But that moment requires different amount of courage from different people
No it does not help to throw darkness around yourself when it hurts,

it just increase the number of people that has been hurt
And your own wound just gets harder to handle

There are so many who wants to act for the light, and they are totally convinced that of doing it
Sure they do it many times and we are all enormously grateful to them doing this
It is wonderful with light meditations and with people praying for and sending light at different times
We all agree on this
It is needed

A human being requires more
It is a healing process that we need to go through
One needs to go deeper than others just having skin-deep wounds
The beginning is to see oneself
It's all our actions large and small who choose the direction
Hatred and anger are just hatred and anger and nothing else
Thinking and feeling hatred for others, it is not light you give forth and act in
It is the opposite of love and it will not be anything regardless of who you are
And it gets bigger if you don't want to see it

Thoughts and feelings form energy relations
If you think of another person it reaches independent of
you believing in it or if this person notice it or not
What kind of energy is it you want to send out?

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