Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Brilliant blue sky and snow 
I hope you reading this also may enjoy nice weather

Natural disasters happens on earth
Not everyone wants to take responsibility
I saw the news on the climate conference in Doha
A politician from the Philippines appealed for action
He pleaded that all nations should take responsibility and find a sustainable solution
Diagonally in front of him was a colleague from another country
Chewing gum, he seemed completely uninterested

700 people were killed in the Philippines
900 are missing
The world is chewing gum, relaxing on the couch ...

Humanity is slow in its turns
It is convenient to assume that what is happening is not MY  responsibility and MY concern
It is convenient to assume that all the knowledge on climate change is not true
It is convenient to put the responsibility on a natural development, without recognizing humans participation
It is more convenient not to have to change habits
It is convenient in some countries which are fortunate ... or is it?
It is comfortable as long as I do not think beyond the next public listing

It's getting a little knotty there on the couch now anyway
In the U.S., it was probably some couches that went bad lately
But in other countries is the couch as far away from the window that you can not even take a look out
Others have not even had one...

Humanity's way of placing the responsibility for their own actions away from themselves recurs in many contexts
21st of december 2012 some people expect spaceships will come and rescue all the nice people who want to receive aid
They will be brought to happier places and will be taken care of and pampered
Maybe all conference participants are adherents to this idea ;-)

Then we don't have to do something for our own development on a spiritual level either because the gang around the spaceship commander will do the development for us? 

We do not have to take the responsibility for our own planet for the good will not have to live on in misery?

Would you like giving away this responsibility?
Would that be a bright and good deed?

Yes, dear humanity, I think many will be disappointed
Nobody is taking away our responsibilities

... and we will live on Mother Earth as her children
If we one day in the future could not live here anymore, then mankind has made a fool of herself ...

It is high time to wake up, get up from the couch and
stretch out a helping hand to each other


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