Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The scenery outside is covered with a white blanket
Winter has arrived in my small community 

Not long time is left until the date, 
so many people are expecting so much of
I have no expectations
I'm just going on as usual

Because work and preparings for all changes already underway for several years
and since nobody is going to push a button on that particular day
and since it is just a new beginning
so I do not care so very much about preparing either end of the world
or spaceships arrival ;o)

I'm looking forward to a special midwinter and special energies

I'm looking forward to meet special entities that night
There will be big changes weeks after the winter solstice
Before that you can already notice it
but not so strongly
People can feel in and notice - all - not just those that are clairvoyant,
but that is not to say that everyone wants to and it does not matter

I do not worry
I'm enjoying instead

I'm enjoying being in the winter landscape with my son and a super happy teenage dog
I'm enjoying getting to our warm home
Enjoying being in the moment

Grateful to live my vocation and to be involved in
cooperation on the major changes around Mother Earth
Grateful having a good time
Grateful for my life that I do live here and now

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