Saturday, 28 April 2012

It´s strange and interesting that the world's population follows a wave of themes that comes and goes.
In any case, I thought about it many times recently.
Courage, anxiety etc., everything goes in waves. 
Persons I meet over a period carries similar themes. The news from the world offers the same opportunities for insights. All are committed.

Great theme of 2012 seems to be to clean out old stuff. People are aware of what they may feel bad of and begins to change things and resolve old connections.

They sort attic or basement, sort old piles of paper and simultaneously enter into a journey where memories will be reprocessed and resolved.
This is probably just what we need to do this year.

Many persons gets aware of the systems they stucked in...
Always the same type of experience - why?
What is it one should learn from these experiences?
How do you avoid ending up in exactly the same pattern again?

Don´t ignore your emotions. All emotions will tell us something. They have a message, clear or less clear, but readable.
If you are pushing off your emotions, you can´t see the insights they can give to you.
If you,
instead of that, go into the feelings and examine the pesky contexts you begin to imagine or may be see clearly in front of you, you may heal a part of you.

Mother Earth begins to wake up on the surface in the north, so people soon will become calmer inside up here.

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