Thursday, 22 March 2012

Took a break from the blog. It's probably something to be expected: o)
The writing comes sometimes. Not every day not every week.
But quite often I end up here anyway.

Now it's going on a lot. Many changes.

New Moon
A fresh start. Something that has been completed and new things starting up.
In contrast to the full moon the weight is now clearly on new.
On full moon is the weight of something that is done and finished.

This new moon is special to me. I look forward moving home all my dear helpers and objects and all my energies to our own little house. Here my sun wheel
will spin and spread out.

The force may remove the handbrake at home, which it have to pull in my old room.

To bring home my energies is one of the themes that were included in the first months of this year. I have completed some accounts on the internet and said goodbye to forums where I wrote long time ago. Now begins a new era and I will collect myself instead of being out in the world with my energies.

It's exciting to see what comes next.

I'll have a new friend and helper. A new wand to the one I already have, not to replace but to supplement.

It is, I think, what my son told me two years ago, when he was 6 years old: 
"When I'm grown up, Mom, then I also have a wand and you'll have two." 

Children are so wise. They know so much. Listen to your children!

I will create now and that I
will do with great joy.

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