Saturday, 1 August 2015

A little greeting from the new Earth to us with the earthquake on wednesday
This full moon, she takes over for real

Strong and free, and ready to act

Her brother holding her lovingly
The new Heaven

They give us so much

A new section of the game is formed

Venerate them as they should be venerated
Go conscious steps now
because the old leaves now
The shift is here
All you do brings you forward on the road
Everything will be changed
Nothing will be the same

Atlantis disappeared in the sea
Where is our world going?

The white buffalo walks over Earth
Collecting those who see and those who want to see
The stars are active again
Free and united
Holding Earth and Heaven
The blue and the red one are reborn again

Do not think this does not concern you
All Earth's children are affected

Try not to understand with your intellect
Try to feel inside yourself because there lies old knowledge that leads you right

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