Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The river flows slowly through the tunnel
Not far from the beach, it goes down in a waterfall
The trip in the canoe goes with firm strokes towards the fall
There is no danger
The journey normally go that route
Down in the darkness
Every time new

The old location, the journey
to the tepee
The friend's tepee
The wolf is also there
But, as usual, I draw with the eagle some circles before I land among them
I'm landing in front of them
Turning to the woman and standing quietly

It was a long time ago I found the way to the canoe and to this place
The wolf comes and says hello
She has been with me quite often
Several times since I was here last time
The friend invites me into the tepee
There is one other person with us today
I greet with a nodding
An old acquaintance

We go into the tent and sitt down in the ring around the small fire
I have a desire with me today
"I know ," said my friend the older Native American " I know that you crave "
" Yes, I want to leave a mark on the earth. Alter. Create. Mould.
It lingers for a long time"
No, it does not take too long. It takes just as it is good. You know that. So you need to live patience still a while. "
" Yes. , I know. I just do not know how .
But I know that I, as usual, will live up to it. Up to what I want.
What is needed and what is.
There are few who understand , my friend. "

The old man throwing herbs into the fire and it smokes beautifully in the tent.
It becomes clearer and more transparent.
Our common friend sitts silently beside me for a while and look into the fire's flame .
" Where are you heading? " he asks me then.

"Where I'm going .... if ... I know where I'm heading.
There are many pictures, many visions I have had.
Many roads leading there. My path leads there.
They feel close and distant at the same time.
I think of Mother Stone and my first ritual meeting there.
There was something manifest that will endure.

I'm going where the wind carries me when I fly as the eagle.
I'll get there my heart pulls me when I walk in the streets.
I'm going to my fulfillment.
I'll meet friends, brothers, sisters, when the time comes.
I'm going where my soul has decided to go.

The road seems long, difficult, complicated .... Needless ...
But I understand that humans go slow roads.
Humans must get used to the light.
It was dark in the hearts for a long time.
They need to find new ways, but they do not believe these roads will work. Not yet ... "

"The wishes are too big .
That's where the problems sometimes begin. "

"Yes, that's right.
I just saw that I forgot one detail ...

The way is the goal.
That's why I 'm here. Here again .
Many times it was. Many times it´ll be.
But the goal is to be here and now.
It's a good way to go.
A happy and easy route this time."

Gratefully, I get up. I bow to my friends.
I will fly one round over the beautiful landscape.
Then I take the road back into our reality where the road continues .

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