Tuesday, 23 July 2013

7 May 2013

Sitting on the patio
Opposite me, he stands leaning against the railing
Colorful clothes today
Very dark red, some yellow
The long hair down and a hat askew on his head
The elves shaman standing and looking at me
He looked for a while before I saw him

Sat in my thoughts

Thinking of what to write and looking at my scriptIt was a long time since I wrote, and it seems to need an elf kicking start in my writing again

My friend is happy today

He can be so thoughtful and serious sometimes
Unusually severe for an elf

"Time eases

It will be easier nowJoy comes back more and more
Delight to experience human development. You collect pupils and apprentices from all sides.
They are beautiful.
Beautiful friends and beautiful creatures 
Deep, sad, but also happy and progressive. 
They have a long road ahead of them down here 
Many of those will be coming back here many times. Maybe in 
different dimensions. Perhaps on the same. 
Imagine how many people strive to realize themselves, find their 
way into the worlds. 
Many who are still groping in the dark.
They are going to you find the way out if they are paying attention.

Let them develop and let them do their experiences. 

Those who find the light in themselves will see the dark shadow of the outskirts. 
Those who dare will face the darkness in themselves and can heal it. Transforms it into light, light up everything.

Remember when you were traveling to the "star meadow". The small temple where you met your dark side. "

I remember this. I went into the small temple that stood on the edge of the meadow.

My helpers followed me into the anteroom. Then they only showed a door.The room I was in looked a bit Egyptian. The walls were painted. 
The door also. It was narrower top and wider bottom.
I went to the door and opened it.
The room was dark, I saw nothing. I lit my inner light and saw. 
Although this room was painted. I somehow knew that my life was painted in symbols on the wall. I saw that I was standing opposite a female being. Dark, nasty, threatening, powerful. She had the power to destroy, and she did it in the past. She had acted that you could see in her face.

I realized that she was a part of me. It just felt obvious.

I also knew I did not want to act in these fields any longer.
That time was past.

There are other things that are required today. The road goes up not down into the darkness.

Earth's path. The peoples way.

The woman and I met inside of me. We became one. I left the room without turning its back on it.

Facing his own darkness. To receive and forgive the own darkness. Not to endorse but to heal.

My friend nods. "That's a part of the shaman path."

The saga which is life continues.

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