Monday, 25 February 2013

Full moon
Late winter

Now I've been silent for a long time
Didn't write at all
Maybe it's time to break the silence ...
A lot has happened to me and around me
Nice things
Much to be happy about

New Moon in March brings changes again
And when will the solar storm starts?
The sun gathers strength to throw energies toward Earth
Man in the hand of Universe

As usual 
Yesterday I was in the woods
Elve kids came running when we were near the settlement
Cheerful and lively as usual
Great to see
To see ...
How can you see them ...? Not with your eyes but with a different sense
The picture comes into your head and connects with the background and all you see with your eyes
How do you know that you see them and not imagine?
You know it if you just stop to dismiss your inner images as chimaeras

You also feel their energies
That's what comes first
A feeling that something is there, something moves

Humans are so afraid to take their visions seriously

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